Meet Our Team

Our team is specialized in modern vascular access which is a specialty that requires a specific body of knowledge and refined skills.

Our Mission

Our mission is to advance the practice of vascular access to prevent infusion-related complications, improve the patient experience while reducing unnecessary cost and waste with poor practices.

Jack LeDonne, MD, FACS, VA-BC

Jack LeDonne hails from Brooklyn, NY. He graduated from Fordham University and St. George’s University, School of Medicine, in Grenada.

Dr. LeDonne completed his surgical residency at the Wyckoff Heights Hospital, in Brooklyn, and fellowships at the Shock-Trauma Center in Baltimore and Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, Mass. He is presently the medical director at Chesapeake Vascular Access.

Dr. LeDonne has ten publications, including two videos, to his credit. He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, Vascular Access Board Certified and a past president of the Association for Vascular Access. Dr. LeDonne is the recipient of the 2018 Suzanne Herbst award for Excellence in Vascular Access.

Matt Gibson RN, CRNI, VA-BC, CPUI

Over the last two decades, my mission has been to improve the vascular access and infusion practices and eliminate associated complications through serving on national and regional vascular access and infection control committees, writing evidence-based education programs and speaking publicly on a range of vascular access and infusions techniques and practices. Serving on the Association for Vascular Access PIV Task Force and the Public Policy Committee, I have help bring awareness of the risk of complications from infusion and vascular access practices and offer better practices to keep patients safe.  Given my certifications in infusion and vascular access, I will provide unique clinical insight into the bedside aspects of the care of these devices.   I have worked clinically placing vascular access devices in an extensive number of facilities across this country in every patient setting including acute care hospitals, long term acute care hospitals, long term care facilities, outpatient infusion clinics, and home care. I have trained hundreds of clinicians over the last twenty years on the insertion, care delivery, and management of vascular access devices. Through my 28 years of experience, I can provide realistic expectations and practicality pertaining to the bedside procedure. Primarily, my role will be to provide practical guidance from the patient-centric perspective including insertion practices and management of the device post-insertion.